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 Vintage Ashtrays: Double Dragon, Bat Creature, Serpent
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Vintage style ashtrays add subtle spice to any room with their draconian designs. Try our vintage four infant dragons in a half-egg shell held up by four animal legs with claws, or a witches pot-like vintage ashtray with two twin serpent-like dragons each with forward curving horns. Then there is a woven basket-like ashtray design with a serpent-like sea monster threading its way through and around the perimeter of the ornate ashtray bowl with spikes along its back. Or, rather than dragons, you may prefer a tray for your ashes with runic designs engraved on the outside and held in the grip of a fearsome bat creature type of guardian demon, or on the lighter side, an amusing gargoyle with large hands and feathery wings wrapped around a grey-black ashtray. The ashtrays are not vintage, but they'll fool your friends into thinking that they are since they bring you back to that timeless era that is fantasy art.
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