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  Viking Helmet Skull Plaque with Crossed Celtic Daggers
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Viking Helmet Skull Plaque with Faux Bronze Antiquing

Size: 15.75W x 3.5"D
Weight: 3.0 lbs.
Material: Fiberglass
Item: 015143-B

$127.00 Each
One of the most recognized symbols known to man is the skull n crossbones also know as the Jolly Roger made famous since the golden age of Pirates. Our Viking Helmet Skull plaque with crossed Celtic daggers is similar to the revered Calico Jack's Pirate flag with a Skull and cross Swords emblem. The Jolly Roger is the traditional flag of European and American pirates, envisioned today as a skull over crossed bones,

Pirates and the Vikings before them were masters of the sea that brought fear to all those who fell in to their path. Symbols like the skull n crossbones used by the pirates and the horned Viking helmet from Scandinavian Norsemen have come together in this unique, novel and collectable Viking Helmet Skull Plaque with crossed Celtic daggers below with exceptional detail. You won't find this piece offered anywhere else as our skilled sculptors and craftsmen created the original dramatic medieval wall decor piece for our cliental!

Our Viking Helmet Skull Plaques and many other dragon items are available with several different faux finishes to accommodate your specific decorating goals! The skull wall plaque shown here is hand finished with our faux aged bronzing finish. This piece gives the appearance of real aged bronze as it would look hanging outside your castle door warning off unwelcome guests. A real good combination is mounting the Viking Helmet Skull plaque just below our Winged Dragon Wall Plaque finished in the same color and texture for a real impressive statement!!

The finishes that we recommend on these medieval wall plaques is our aged bronze, gothic gray black and Faux Granite or (aged stone Finish). If you have a specific color in mind, please contact our office to customize your finish and texture.
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