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 Tumbled and Polished Jasper Agate Gemstone Rocks
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Agate Jasper Tumbled Gemstone

Weight: (1 lb. to 1000 lbs.)
Material: Agate Jasper
Item: G00044

$59.00 per lb.
Our tumbled and polished Jasper agate gemstone rocks are of the most diverse and highest quality available for the avid gemstone collector or rock enthusiast that is looking for a colorful polished stone. The jasper agate has colors ranging from black, white, gray, burgundy red and many other colors. All our tumbled and polished gemstone rocks are individually packaged and labeled. The photo is not of the actual item you will receive but of a similar jasper agate gemstone rocks. The group photo gives a good idea of the variety in size, color and shape you will receive.

Polished Jasper agate gemstone rocks are perfect those people into the metaphysical healing properties of gemstone rocks as you can carry them in your pocket or handbag and to place around your home and work place so you have the crystal energy with you at all times. Tumble stones are pieces of crystal tumbled within increasingly finer abrasive until their sides become very smooth and shiny. These will make a perfect gift for your self or that special someone!
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