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Dragons with weapons, how can you go wrong? Fill your home with the fantasy flare of these artistic pieces. A statuette of a mighty dragon warrior fits perfectly on a display shelf, the creature elaborately carved to show off the rough texture of its scales, the ridged plates of its underbelly, and the leathery folds of its curving, hooked wings. It holds ready a powerful broadsword, planted point down into the pedestal it rests on, as if about to be knighted by a great king. Two works of wall art follow, each depicting a dragon holder for some form of medieval armament. The first shows a slender dragon with its wings curved protectively around a gold-hilted sword, its scaly tail wrapping around the item to create a secure sheath, its mouth clamped down on the pommel. The second dragon holds a similar blade in an almost affectionate embrace, gazing down at the weapon, a shield with a dragon crest held out defensively. The next piece shows a dragon with its wings unfurled, armed to its razor sharp teeth with a powerful greatsword, sturdy shield, and a pair of formidable battleaxes crossed at its back. Finally is a dragon statue armored for battle like a paladin, gleaming plate mail girding its powerful form, a massive sword held in a ceremonial pose before it.
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