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 Small Rose Quartz Candleholder Rock Item

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Small Rose Quartz Candle Holder

Weight: N/A
Material: Rose Quartz
Item: G00344

$45.00 Each
Our small rose candle holder is not just any rock item, but has a unique translucent pink almost rose-red and lavender coloration. Rose quartz crystals are one of the more desirable varieties of quartz because of the beautiful colors caused by iron and titanium mineral impurities. When you put a lit tea light candle in the rose quartz candle holder it creates a wonderfully warm pale glow that shows off the luminous translucency qualities of this knid of quartz. Our rose quartz products come from quarries in Brazil which just happens to be one of the best modern sources of well formed crystals of true rose quartz.

On a metaphysical level, rose quartz combines the male and female principles of love and is said to help calm an aggressive person and reduce stress levels in almost any situation. Plus they tend to enhance rather than detract from the healing energies of other gemstones. It is good to have rose quartz by your bedside table if you have difficulty sleeping and for meditation, and is often placed over one's chest to balance the heart chakra. With all these wonderful qualities its no wonder that our rose quartz candle holders make the perfect gift for a special loved one and even for yourself!
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