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Dragon Artwork offers a wide variety of skull-themed items for all the horror fans out there. Pieces like our skull cup, the ceramic piece seeming to be molded from the melting skulls as they fuse together somewhere between solid and liquid shapes. Their mouths hang open, screaming at the pain of being melted away, dropping only further as they ooze away from the rest of the bony heads. We also offer a skull-shaped piggy bank, the skull’s mouth locked in a rictus grin, a bullet skull shown prominently on its forehead. We also have three skull-shaped memo holders. The first two are covered with looping, curving designs, almost like tribal tattoos inked deep into the bone. The third rests on a platform of other bones and skulls, a bullet hole in the forehead and one eye still resisting the decomposition that long ago claimed the rest of its flesh.
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