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Looking to add a touch of horror to a room with skull and bones? Whether darkening your sanctum or preparing for Halloween, our selection of skull lamps can add the enigmatic feeling in your home or left on your porch. A tribal stand incense burner with skulls for legs will make a nice addition to any otherwise bland table. Our spooky lamp with skull faces for a lamp shade with tiny skeleton fingers dangling ominously around the edge can add flavor to any porch space or room in your house. Select from either a free hanging skull lamp or one with a thick bone held up by skeletal hands for a stand to the skull lamp shade. Tired of poorly carved Jack O' Lanterns decorating your home on All Hallow's Eve? Maybe some elaborately carved skulls will better fit your demonic style on Halloween. One skull sports a bullet hole and a crawling scorpion, while the second displays fearsome vampire fangs both have a large enough mouth to fit a tea candle in to produce the glowing hollow face tradition of a Jack O' Lantern.
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