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 Salt Lamp Rock, Natural Salt Crystal Light

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Salt Night Light Lamp

Weight: N/A
Material: Salt
Item: G00332

$37.50 Each
Each natural rock salt crystal lamp is made from a solid salt crystal formed by nature hundreds of millions of years ago and recently mined as deep as 500 yards, or more, underground in the foothills of the Himalayas, one of the most serene and undisturbed part of the world. When salt crystal mining is taking place explosives are strictly prohibited to preserve the large structures of crystal salt. Every salt lamp is carefully handcrafted to retain the beautiful and natural shape of salt. The result is a rare crystal with a color that ranges from off-white, to apricot, and even warm pink.

As the light bulb warms up the salt lamp, healthful negative ions separate from the surface of the salt crystals which serves to cleanse and improve the quality, and freshness, of the air you breathe. A series of scientific studies show that salt crystal lights can increase the negative ion count up to 300%! In nature, negative ions are typically created by means of wind, sunlight, surf, waterfalls and rainstorms. Generally, a negative ion is an electronically charged molecule made up of oxygen. A positive ion in the air is a molecule that has lost an electron through the process of air pollution. Ionized air is known to substantially reduce the number of airborne bacteria, especially when used indoors. Even though it is not a medical device, a salt crystal lamp, by emitting negative ions, significantly reduces a myriad of indoor air pollutants that shouldn't be there in the first place.

If your looking for the perfect gift to give someone who appreciates rocks, crystals, natural things, and enjoys a warm relaxing light, our salt lamp rocks are an excellent choice! The electrical cord and light bulb is included with every natural salt crystal light you buy from us. Choose a lamp light that can adjust and neutralize the the quality of your air in a natural and inexpensive way.
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