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 Quartz Crystals, Citrine Crystal, Fuchsite and Agate Lamp
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Add to your collection of gemstones and crystals with this wide selection of beautiful pieces. A cluster of white quartz is a symbol of purity and ease. Set a small pillow atop an end table, with the quartz on top for an attractive addition to a living room. To add to the effect, place it beneath a lamp; quartz crystals are said to be able to amplify energy. We also have three gemstones set in small wooden boxes filled with straw. The amethyst stone, its purple hues symbolizing creativity and sophistication, goes well in a study or den, perhaps on a bookshelf. The pale green of the fuschite is a color of health and life. Place it by a window to complement the natural view, or set it on a shelf or counter in the kitchen to promote wellness. The white quartz crystal, nestled in its bed of straw, suggests cleanliness and purity. Use it to add a fresh feel to what might be an otherwise cluttered room. Finally, we have a creatively constructed agate lamp, perfect for use as a night light. Agate has been said to impart strength and courage; this gemstone might serve as a comfort in a child’s bedroom.
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