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 Large Quartz Crystal Candle Holder in a Mineral Block

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Large Quartz Candle Holder

Weight: N/A
Material: Quartz
Item: G00338

$27.00 Each
There is nothing more aesthetically appealing than a natural crystal rock candle holder made from a single large block of milky quartz mineral. Milky quartz is a semi-transparent cloudy white variety of quartz and when it is illuminated by a candle, as in a candle holder, it provides a warm glimmering glow that promotes a relaxing and calming mood to your senses. Milky quartz rock crystal candle holders have their centers drilled out so that you can place a tea light candle on top. They make great night lights and provide a relaxing atmosphere with just enough light for you to see around a dark room easily. Our crystal lamp milky quartz rock candle holders make nice accent pieces for home and office settings alike, and tend to make people feel right at home.

Each large quartz crystal candle holder is crafted from one solid piece of natural milky quartz - just the way Mother Nature made it, so each piece is totally unique. The candle holder you receive will be  similar in color and quality to the one shown in the photo above. If your looking for the perfect natural gift for any one who appreciates rocks and crystals this is the perfect choice!
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