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 Large Block of Rose Quartz Candle Holder Crystal

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Large Rose Quartz Candle Holder

Weight: N/A
Material: Rose Quartz
Item: G00335

$27.00 Each
Rose quartz is one of the most desirable varieties of quartz. Our rose quartz crystal candle holders come in large blocks with an average width and height of the rose quartz being 4" to 5 ". Plus, the center has been drilled out to about 3 1/2" deep to fit a tea light candle perfectly. Our rose quartz crystals come from Brazil, the best source of true well formed crystals of rose quartz. Each of our large rose quartz block candle holders create a wonderful pale pink glow that shows off the luminous transparency of quartz after you light the tea candle. Even without the fiery pink illumination, rose quartz makes a fine decorative statement during the daytime.

The semi-precious gem material, rose quartz, is used from jewelry to several interior or exterior decorative items, like our rock lights and crystal candle holders. The translucent pink rose color is completely unique, unlike any other pink rock mineral species. The color is actually caused by embedded iron and titanium impurities. Rose quartz is also one of the gentlest and most loving stones of the quartz family, affectionately known as the grandmother stone. It is also though to have the ability to foster self-acceptance and love as a basis for extending the same to others. It assists in the healing of emotional wounds and helps us to overcome and release ourselves from grief. This beautiful natural large block of quartz crystal will bring joy to any setting in your bathroom, bedroom, or office. Since all of our crystal pieces are natural and unique they may vary slightly in their actual shape and size. Each candle holder is created from a unique piece of rose quartz, so no two candle holders are exactly alike. Decorate your home or office with our beautiful earthly quartz candle holders!
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