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 Gargoyle Sculpture Tealight Dark Art Figurine Collection
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Use our gargoyle sculpture tealight collection of figurines to add intensity to your room by using tealights in the black resin crafted works of dark art. A particularly impressive piece in the collection displays a gargoyle magi with his claws raised and wings folded around the candle light so that when lit, it casts the illusion that the creature is invoking a spell of flame or controlled spontaneous combustion. The next gargoyle art figurine seems brutish huddled over the tea candle light with his wings furled over his back and a dog-like face staring impassively outward. Perched on a stand the next gargoyle resembles gargoyle you're likely to find on a cathedral roof top, and it holds its candle out to light the visitor's way as a guide. Bending on one knee, the sad monkey-like gargoyle rests his head drearily on one arm pressed against a knee, its inhuman features twisted into a deeply saddened look of misery. We finish with an insane human-like gargoyle, his mismatched features a caricature of psychotic excitement as the devil stares with one eye fixed on the tealight candle flame it holds in front.
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