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 Fat Asian Dragon Wood Carving with Individual Scales

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Non Winged Asian Dragon


Size: 16"H
Weight: N/A
Material: Rain tree wood
Item: 13529

$275.00 Each
Our individually handcrafted wing less Asian Dragon Wood Carvings come in five different sizes. The delicately hand carved 16" Fat Asian Dragon Wood Carving has individual Scales with incredible detail! Our wood carvers are on the tropical island of Bali where the skills of carving these wonderful works of art have been passed down from generations of family artisans. Each Asian Dragon Wood Carving is hand carved from Rain Tree wood (Suar) a mili grained hard wood. Each and every individual scale on the dragon sculpture is notched out creating a spectacular wooden art piece that any art collector would love to have!

Fat Asian dragons just like the fat Buddha in the Asian culture symbolizes happiness, luck, and generosity. The fat Asian Dragon inspires us to develop our inner qualities to achieve happiness, good fortune, and satisfaction in our lives. Place our Asian Dragon Wood Carving Statue in a central area of your home or office for daily inspiration and as a reminder of our own capacity to achieve the good life!
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