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The dragon is perhaps the most universal of all mythical creatures. Medieval legends of fire-breathing dragons are recreated with our collectable dragon wall hangings and Viking helmet skull plaques. These beautiful hand crafted and faux finished dragon shields and Viking scull plaques will add magnificently to your wall decor as a unique decoration and conversation piece.

Medieval lore is filled with exciting tales of Viking gods and powerful dragons. The Vikings were greatly feared for their size, strength and skill in battle. They fought mostly on foot and used their ships with carved dragon prows, mainly as a transport to the scene of battle. Now you can experience these harrowing legends with our dramatic dragon wall decor and add some magic, myth and medieval fantasy to your own dragon's lair!

Our decorative dragon wall hangings and Viking Helmet skull plaques can be placed above doorways, on doors, above fireplaces or anywhere you are trying to make a strong powerful statement in your home or office. We have a real impressive combination with our Symmetrical Winged Dragon Wall Plaque and Viking Helmet Skull Plaque placed together for a real dramatic impressive look. Some of our other decorative wall hangings shields and Wall decor include dragon skulls, Dragon shield with weapons and armored dragons holding swords to boldly decorate your home or medieval castle!

Most of our dragon products come hand finished in our gothic gray color with detailed ascent colors. Many of these pieces are available in different hand-painted faux finishes including antique bronze that has the look of aged metal! You'll be amazed by the striking details, impressive finishes and sculptural artistry that make these dragon wall hangings the ideal keepsake dragon collectible for your self or a unique special dragon gift!

Please call our office if you would like your dragon furnishings made in a custom faux finish.
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