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Organization and style go hand in hand with this collection of CD, DVD, and letter holders. Take for example our CD castle, a tall shelf with room for several CD or DVD cases in notched arches that resemble a gothic keep’s windows. Towers and parapets crown the case, dominated by a carved dragon that clambers over the walls, large enough that its tail reaches down to curve around the castle’s base. Also available is a case effectively designed to keep safe CDs without cases, this piece sculpted into the shape of a dragon standing on a runic platform, its open wings offering the storage. For a smaller option, we have a desk-sized CD rack, long enough to hold several disks, with a dragon reclining at the back and a gothic arch doorway as the front. Also available is a wall-mounted rack in the shape of a dragon, wings folded in, the rack cunningly carved to resemble the armored plates of its belly. Finally, we have a letter organizer with a similar draconic theme, complete with three intricate baskets to store and separate mail.
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