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  Dragon Plaque, Skull w/ Viking Helmet & Crossed Daggers
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Winged Dragon Plaque and Skull with Viking Helmet and Crossed Daggers

Size: 36" wide x 30" tall
Weight: N/A
Material: Fiberglass & Resin
Item: 015143-B

$224.00 Each
Behold the power of dragons and Vikings with one the most impressive wall decor or entree way wall hangings imaginable! Our dragon plaque and scull with a Viking helmet & cross daggers combination will make quite the impact. These photos do not begin to do these unique vessels justice-they genuinely look like they cost many times more than they do. These irresistible decor items will go well with any gothic, medieval or modern decor. The combination between the skull & crossbones plaque, with it's realistic looking Viking skull helmet and the guarding watchful eyes of the dragon wall plaque makes a very powerful display and impact. These pieces can be mounted on a door entryway or in any room of your home or office converting it into your own personal dragon lair or castle theme!

Vikings Helmets like our Viking horned helmet with cross daggers have the traditional modern design with horns protruding from the helmet. Although it has been said that except for ceremonial purposes or the wealthy, Vikings never actually wore those types of horned helmets, the horns and wings style has been stuck with their name for centuries. For the Nordic Warrior wealth could only be attained through battle or trade, any other approach was considered theft and would bar the warrior from Valhalla.

With our hand painted faux finishes, our artists can make these Viking scull helmet and dragon wall decor plaques a one of a kind unique and realistic collectable art piece. Our antique bronze finish as shown in the pictures, has the look of aged metal as if was a real artifact from the medieval times. The dragon plaque and scull with a Viking horned helmet & cross daggers comes with the gothic gray finish. If you would like the antique bronze, faux granite or any custom color that you would like to match in you own decor we can have our artists make a custom color and finish made to your specifications.

Please call our office if you would like your dragon furnishings made in a custom faux finish.
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