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There is no better way to light up your medieval home or castle than with Dragon Art Works Dragon light fixtures that are shaped like Medieval Dragons! These powerful masculine light fixtures combine detailed fantasy art with the symbolism of dragon mythology. For a real mesmerizing medieval decorating impact, combine these Dragon Light Fixtures with our many other unique dragon furnishings that are shaped like Medieval Dragons! Create a very spellbinding effect by placing a red bulb in your dragon light fixture which will make a very Gothic ambiance to your room!

We have a variety of Dragon light fixtures that you can place on a wall or table top flat surfaces around your medieval castle. Some of these dragon light fixtures are shaped like Medieval Dragons holding a lighted globe or orb which will create a truly unique ambience wherever they are placed. Even one of our dragon light fixtures placed on mantel piece or bar will draw attention to itself with the extreme detail cast in quality designer polyresin with a Gothic greystone finish shaped like Medieval dragons!

These wonderful unusual and collectable Medieval Dragon light fixtures will accent your home for years to come and make the perfect gift for your favorite dragon lover or a nice decoration for yourself! At Dragon Art Work we offer a unique selection of dragon art work products and gifts that promotes a more peaceful and fantasy lifestyle.
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