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If your looking to have the most spectacular and powerful furnishings for your home or office our Dragon Desk & Chair Set and Dragon Glass Table Tops will be quite an impact! This impressive selection of fantasy art dragon desks and tables will enhance any room that demands respect. Whether it finds a place in your own private castle, home, office or as the focal point of your living room, his intricate work of functional furniture art has a stunning way of demanding attention.

An awesome and impressive display of medieval mythology, our Dragon Desk & chair set and Dragon glass table tops are expertly crafted in cold cast quality designer polyresin with a Gothic greystone finish. These dragon tables, desks & chairs are fully sculpted 360-degrees to be admired from all angles. Stylish and functional this dragon furniture will be the most imaginative you will ever find and will be quite the conversation piece!!

Vikings had dragon or draken figureheads on the prow of their ships. The old Norse dragons on their ships were believed to endow keen site and cunning to the Viking warriors. Norse dragons depicted in Viking art and culture was a way of symbolizing power, strength and instill fear to their enemies. Just like the Viking mythological dragons, with our unique fantasy Medieval Dragon desk & chair set and Dragon glass table tops you will make a powerful impression!
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