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 Dragon, Demon and Skull Door Knockers and Chess Set
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There are so many interesting door knockers that it is simply sad when so many still go for the standard old fashioned brass ring on a wood door. Take our dragon head door knocker, for example, with its dragon head and curved horns jutting out from within a metallic ring with rivets, and even further augmented by a small, yet menacing, skull door knocker at the base of the loop. The demon hand knocker appears to be gripped in a diabolically sharp-clawed fist, with a translucent orb to strike your front door. On the other hand, the knocker shaped like a horned skull demon has freaky twisting ram horns and a metal knocking loop clenched in its ghostly teeth, with another skull at the base of the loop door knocker. Perhaps the most fascinating of the set, is the ghostly face of a skull as if it were coming out of a wall from another dimension or spirit world. Once your visitors enter your home, impress them with ornate chess table art pieces borne on the shoulders of a gargoyle with all of the chess figures carved in the shapes of demons, dragons, and other mythic creatures. Enjoy a functional chess table and a work of art at the same time!
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