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Our tealights and candleholders come in a staggering variety of elaborate designs. For a simple starter, we have an elegant candle stand carved with an intricate knot motif, a ram’s head adorning its side. A more elaborate piece involves a wall-mounted castle, its stone towers carved into the defensible rock of its mountain base, each of the four parapet-ringed roofs suitable for a tealight candle, creating the illusion that the stronghold has been set aflame by the mighty dragon dominating the top of the piece. Another scene depicts two dragons climbing a series of Roman columns, as if they are invading some ancient temple. Both stare longingly at the candle in the center, as if it were a pool of molten gold that the avaricious creatures wished to claim for their own hordes. A similar work depicts one dragon atop a ruined structure, the remaining columns supporting its weight as it stares down at the sacred candle in the center of the ancient building. Finally, we have a dragon holding on to a cross statuette, a divot in the platform base before the cross suitable for a tealight candle.
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