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Dragon Art Work specializes in unique fantasy collectibles including a unique line of Medieval dragon art sculpture coffee tables with glass tops in many different styles and sizes. Cast in quality designer polyresin with a Gothic greystone finish, these dragon art sculpture coffee tables are fully sculpted 360-degrees to be admired from all angles and through the glass top revealing their incredible detail. As functional dragon art sculptures for your home, the quality designer resin work makes coffee tables and end tables that are versatile, durable and quite impressive! If your looking for furniture that is not only wonderful, unique and unusual, but our glass top dragon coffee tables will make an awesome artwork for your home, or office!

Dragons are mythical creatures that are the most magnificent and fabulous of all beasts! Dragons have been apart of human history in about every culture throughout the world! Dragons can be found in every aspect of folklore, literature and art created by mankind. This can be found in many aspects of humankind's culture including dragon art, dragons pictures, dragon tattoos, dragon tales and folklore.

Our beautifully designed dragon art sculpture coffee tables reflect the historical rendition of Medieval fire-breathing dragons or Draco that have stirred awe and terror in the myths and legends of European cultures. Mesmerize your friends and neighbors with our magnificent, spellbinding glass top end tables and coffee tables.
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