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 Blue Soap Stones: Argonite, Calcite, and Fluorite
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We have one of the largest selection of blue gemstones available as soap stones including Blue Argonite, Blue Calcite, Blue Fluorite, and Blue Tiger Eye. The primary use for crystals and gemstones throughout history has been for their healing properties and for use in spiritual rituals. Although gemstones are rare and exhibit great beauty, the reason they are so precious is due to the power they impart to their wearers. Our healing stones have a natural affinity with the universal energy of all things. Blue soap stones such as Argonite, Calcite, and Fluorite have these qualities. Argonite has an innate healing quality that calms anger, stress and enhances patience. Calcite promotes increased mental capacity, stimulates the kidneys and helps to release feelings of joy within. Fluorite allows one to remain calm while strengthening the bones and teeth by focusing one's energy and attention to the physical body.

This is just a small sample of our gemstones, crystals, minerals, geodes, spheres, fossils, candle holder stones, rock lamps, jewelry, and rough or polished minerals sold by the pound. Our gemstone collectors travel to remote parts of the world to bring you the most beautiful stones available. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your selection and will treasure it for years to come.  
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