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 Art Demon Tealights: Wizard, Devil Magician and Horned
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Display your love for the arcane with art statuettes of wizards, demons, and devil magicians from the underworld! Eldritch treasures warrant a mighty guardian; the demon box is warded by the strength of a conjured demon with wings and evil mountain ram-like horns. Who could defend your small keepsakes better? Perhaps a buffed and horned elder demon holding aloft the skull of its most recent victim would be a better suited art to place neatly in your room. Next is the demonic servant of the underworld carrying a pile of human skulls on his back - perfect fits for a tealight candle. Then the conjurer of spells diabolic devil magician sorcerer invokes his corrupt spells over an unholy fire pit of skulls. For those that favor the brighter side of magic, decorate your room with an arch wizard with his dragon staff in hand standing before a pedestal that holds an enchanted crystal ball static electricity lighting effect art. 
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