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 Amethyst Purple Crystal Tumbled Stones
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Amethyst Tumbled Gemstone

Weight: (1 lb. to 1000 lbs.)
Material: Amethyst
Item: G00047

$45.00 per lb.
Amethyst tumble stones is definitely one of the most beautiful of the all the smoothly polished tumble stones with its purple crystal color will make a nice display with your rock collection. All of these crystal tumbled Amethyst stones are transparent, coarse-grained, violet or purple and are a variety of quartz. The amethyst crystal is one of the most popular stones among rock and stone collectors. The Purple amethyst tumble stones come from Brazil and are selected by our qualified buyers who know how to pick out the best quarries and specimens. Our tumbled amethyst crystal has a beautiful polish and a very bright purple color. If you like Amethyst, then this extra high quality amethyst is just for you!

Of all the gemstones, amethyst has many more metaphysical properties and is a very powerful and protective stone it is a stone of spirituality and contentment. It magnifies the energies of Love, Forgiveness and Healing. Use amethyst when working with the Third Eye Chakra to enhance intuition, or with the Crown Chakra to access the divine. Amethyst is wonderful for meditations and developing intuition and psychic abilities, and is an especially good stone for Pieces. The purple amethyst stones is the symbol for inner spiritual beauty which shines through to the without and is said to raise vibrations, enhances dream memory, spiritual awakening ,inspirational creativity, intuition. Purple crystal amethyst is the Zodiac stone for Pisces and is one of the Birth Stones for February.

One of the best gifts to give your special someone is the gift made by nature like our amethyst tumbled stones. This gift will out last anything man made and if keep close could be passed down throw generations still holding their beautiful natural purple form. Crystal amethyst is a great gift for anyone who loves semiprecious gemstones, these beautifully egg-shaped stones will fit in the palm of your hand, a small bag and are nice to hold and handle.
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