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These gemstone lamps make excellent additions to any room. The stones themselves make attractive pieces of art in their own rights, but they also contain inner lights, making them perfect to add to a room’s atmosphere or for use as nightlights. Given that gemstones often have connotations of power and positive energy, one can almost imagine that these gemstone lamps, when turned on, might radiate those enhancing forces out in a glowing aura. The amethyst light, dignified and sophisticated when off, sheds a pleasing purple glow, giving off feelings of strength and will, inspiring creativity and spirituality. The natural agate, with its rich brown hue, symbolizes stability and the natural strength of earth, as well as the hearth and home. It makes a perfect centerpiece for a family table. The two quartz lamps give off pale white light, and quartz has been known to amplify energy. A few of these can brighten a room both naturally and metaphysically, as well as adding a feeling of purity and perfection with their alabaster hues. Finally, the rose quartz lamp is all about energy, the pink hue inspiring love, the quartz augmenting the power of the color.
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